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Membership level and fees

Level Transaction amount
(30 days)
Fee_Buy Fee_Sell

The membership level is determined by the sum of transaction amounts over the last 30 days.

Transaction amount: Based on the amount of all virtual currency transactions traded on the exchange

Withdrawal fee

USD 2.95
BRL 6.90 R$
EUR 6.90
HKD 6.90 $
CYN 6.90 ¥
BTC 0.02000000 B
ETH 0.00500000 E
LTC 0.02000000 L
ATMC 0.01000000 a
ATM$ 0.01000000 a
EME 1 a
ICASH 1.00000000 a

0 B 0 E
Buy/Sell 1ETH Price per [BTC] Quantity[ETH]

0 E 0 B
Buy/Sell 1ETH Price per [BTC] Quantity[ETH]